Noise testing

Hearing damage caused by exposure to noise at work is entirely preventable if employers take the necessary measures to reduce exposure. DPA Technologies identifies and manages areas of risk to ensure you stay compliant.

European Legislation “The Control of Noise Regulations 2005” stipulates that employers protect their workforce and even extends to safeguarding people who are not your employees, such as students, voluntary workers, visitors and members of the public. Employees have a duty to cooperate with their employer while taking reasonable steps to care for their own health and safety.

There are many new cases of people receiving compensation for hearing damage each year, with considerable associated costs. Hearing loss can be gradual due to prolonged exposure to noise or caused immediately by sudden, extremely loud noises.


Following a free initial site survey, DPA identify potential areas of risk during a thorough assessment of the workplace. Employees’ exposure to noise is measured, both in their day-to-day activities and through any additional work they may carry out on a less frequent basis. Our comprehensive assessment report outlines any work processes or operations that pose a potential threat and provides recommendations to rectify these.


All DPA testing is carried out in accordance with the BS / EN relevant to to the specific area by our highly knowledgable team of specialist consultants who can advise on all aspects of reducing noise exposure in the workplace.

Servicing and repairs

DPA Technologies carries out service & repairs on all makes of air tools. Each tool repaired is tested for hand arm vibration levels using a Larson Davis HMV100 Human Hand Arm Vibration Meter and all readings are recorded. All of our repairs carry a six month warranty and all machines are returned carriage paid.

We offer both on-site and off-site service contracts for air tools and on-site servicing for all types of dust extraction solutions. We also offer ongoing guidance with regard to workplace risk assessment to ensure you always stay compliant with current and future Health & Safety regulations and recommendations.

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