Dust extraction

Lots of different jobs across different industries involve work processes that create dust and fumes. If this is not controlled properly, people can breathe them in and develop health issues such as asthma, lung scarring and cancer.

DPA Technologies have vast experience in installing and servicing dust extraction systems that efficiently remove harmful dust & debris, keeping workers safe and ensuring compliance with Health & Safety regulations. We supply a full range of extraction systems to suit your workplace needs - centralised, portable and mobile - to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

Dust extraction is a specialist area and you need to talk to one of our knowledgable and experienced team to identify the optimum solution for your needs. It is essential that workplace exposure be properly assessed and the right type of solution put in place.


Following a free initial site survey, the DPA team identifies the processes that contribute to the creation of airborne contaminants during a thorough assessment of the workplace and creates a tailor-made solution bespoke to the specific needs of the client and their business. It goes without saying that correct installation and proper maintenance are also required to ensure your extraction system is optimised to do its job.


All extraction machinery produced by our suppliers Minden and Rupes is durable, adaptable and designed to provide powerful and reliable dust extraction. Quality design and build means optimum performance with minimal servicing requirements.

Servicing and repairs

DPA Technologies carries out service & repairs on all makes of air tools. Each tool repaired is tested for hand arm vibration levels using a Larson Davis HMV100 Human Hand Arm Vibration Meter and all readings are recorded. All of our repairs carry a six month warranty and all machines are returned carriage paid.

We offer both on-site and off-site service contracts for air tools and on-site servicing for all types of dust extraction solutions. We also offer ongoing guidance with regard to workplace risk assessment to ensure you always stay compliant with current and future Health & Safety regulations and recommendations.

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